Kids’ Backyard Toys

Add a bit of spunk to the outdoor space in your home more by making it a livelier and more fun place for your little ones with kids’ backyard toys. Pottery Barn Kids offers a wide and diverse collection of toys for kids that turns your backyard into youngsters’ very own playground, picnic grounds and even a waterpark. You can even help them relax after playtime with our collection of outdoor furniture for kids that helps them join you in lounging around after a long day of frolicking and high-energy play. Choose from our fine selection of kids’ toys for the backyard that is sure to give children – from toddlers to pre-teens – hours of fun-filled games and entertainment.

Because garden hoses are one of the most common pieces of backyard equipment, consider toys for the backyard that make use of this water supply. Inflatable sprinkler ball and our inflatable pools definitely fit the bill. These toys are more convenient and affordable alternatives to take to the beach or the waterpark. A treat for children from three years and older, the inflatable sprinkler ball easily attaches to the garden hose and spouts a shower of water that cools your children as they play. Inflatable kiddie pools are among kids’ favorites during the summer months, and like the sprinkler ball, setting them up is also easy. Our inflatable sprinkler balls measure 35 inches in diameter and come with maritime-inspired graphic prints. The inflatable kiddie pools also come in different colors and in designs such as submarines and flamingos. Plus, the pools have a tough design that withstands rough playing. Both the sprinkler ball and inflatable kiddie pools are phthalate-, BPA- and lead-free for your child’s safety.

Make your own backyard waterpark have a feel of the real thing with our outdoor toys and other offerings for kids. Toy googles are a good way of protecting children’s eyes as they spend hours in a big chlorinated pool, and they can certainly do the same as little ones play in their inflatable pools. Swim caps, along with the goggles and inflatable pools, also help in familiarizing the younger ones with waterpark and beach activities. Before the kids start running all over the house soaking wet, have beach towels for the bigger kids and beach wraps for toddlers on the ready if they decide to take a break from the pool. Tunics and coverups also allow them to lounge about the backyard more comfortably on colder days.

If water activities are out of the question during the colder months, we also offer other outdoor toys, such as ride-ons in the form of fire trucks, train engines, retro racers and backhoe diggers. Younger children can stay close to mom and dad on the patio with on their own ride-on animal rockers that resemble cuddly critters. For lazy afternoons, kids may be content to just sit with you on the patio in their very own portable chairs and beanbags with their game consoles or mobile devices. Our portable chairs and beanbags are eco-friendly with machine washable slip covers, and just like our other items are lead-, phthalate- and BPA free.

Apart from toys, mobile devices and game consoles, another novel and more traditional way of keeping little ones entertained while lounging outdoors is with books. We also offer a wide range of entertaining and intellectually stimulating books for children all through their pre-school to pre-teen years. There are also books that you can choose to personalize, which make a great gift for your favorite children during special occasions.