Kids Backyard Furniture

You have to admit, a child’s ability to adapt to just about any situation is worthy of some recognition. No matter where they are, or what’s available to them, children usually find a way to stay stimulated and entertained. While your little one is exploring the beauty of the Great Outdoors, help them make the most of the experience by ensuring they have all they need. Kids backyard furniture from Pottery Barn Kids creates a safe haven for your children – and their guests – while engaging in endless outdoor adventures.

Child-sized table and chair sets create the perfect space for outdoor arts and crafts sessions. They work even better as the setting for an impromptu picnic. When the weather’s nice, fill a couple/shop/kids/tabletop-category/food-storage/ food storage containers with something nutritious – don’t forget to add a few tasty treats too – then, pack them in an insulated /shop/kids/tabletop-category/tabletop-lunch-bags/ lunch bag. Leave it up to your little one to show you what’s next. They’ll have a blast enjoying some goodies in the open air.

Besides snacks and sensory stimulation, you also have the opportunity to help keep their sensitive skin protected. When they’re ready to take a break from soaking up some all-natural vitamin D, give your child a taste of shade in their own special seat. Miniature chair and umbrella sets let little ones kick back and enjoy the relaxing breeze without subjecting them to the strength of the sun’s rays. As soon as their little feet hit the ground, they’ll be off to the races all over again. Stimulate their little imaginations with a few /shop/beach/beach-toys/ outdoor toys. Turn time outside into hours of creative activity. From vintage ride-on cars to soaring kites that seem to reach the clouds, there’s no limit to the excitement your child can create. Don’t forget about special inflatables and other beach accessories, great for taking on family vacations. If you’re heading to the beach, don’t forget to pack extra /shop/beach/beach-tunics-cover-ups/ tunics and cover-ups to give your child an additional layer of protection. The fact that they’ll look absolutely adorable wearing it is just an added bonus.

The more time a child spends outside, the more some seem to thrive and come alive. In fact, some even begin craving that sense of freedom and adventure all the time. It’s understandable why children would want it to last forever. Well, forever’s a long time but, with a little ingenuity, those adventures don’t have to end any time soon. Even better, you don’t have to travel far to do it. Bond as a family under the stars in an overnight camping trip right in your very own backyard. Check all the camping essentials off the list – /shop/sleepover/sleepover-sleeping-bags/ sleeping bags, pajamas and, of course, a cuddly /shop/toys/plush/ plush companion to keep them company. All that’s left is to add some roasted marshmallows and campfire stories and you have a memory that’s worthy of cherishing forever.

It feels good to learn and explore yourself while engaging with your environment. After spending so much time outdoors, you may have to do a little persuading to get your miniature explorer to come inside. Knowing that they have the same comfortable setup, designed just for them, makes the transition indoors a lot easier to endure. The recipe’s simple. Start with a few fun /shop/toys/toys-bath-toys/ bath toys to wash away the remaining evidence of the day’s adventure. Next, snuggle up with a book and a blanket to enjoy their favorite story in a personalized/shop/furniture/anywhere-chairs/ Anywhere Chair. Or, if a long day at play and a good bath makes your little one want to snuggle up, then there’s no place they’d rather be besides in your arms while rocking back and forth in a plush /shop/kids/furniture/upholstered-furniture/ upholstered rocking chair.

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