It’s great to be prepared when you’re traveling with kids, even if your only destination is to the grocery store and back. With the right type of bag or tote to carry all of the items you need, traveling becomes even easier. Depending on where your outings take you, you might want to have different bags or totes for different types of occasions to ensure you bring along plenty of snacks and entertainment to make the day even more fun. For example, you may have one tote for the beach and another for the grocery store, and another bag to carry diaper necessities. For all of your luggage and traveling needs, Pottery Barn Kids has an ample selection of totes and other carry-all items so that taking trips with your kids is a breeze.

Many of our available totes come in both mini and kid sizes, so not only do you have a convenient and stylish bag to carry items in, but your child can also have a matching tote. With everything from unicorns to orca whales and superheroes, there is a tote with a design or character your child is sure to love. Choose from trucks and trains or fish and alligators. An adorable bunny tote would make a great Easter gift, while a beach-themed tote is an ideal choice for a day filled with waves and sunshine. These matching totes also offer the option of personalization, meaning that your child’s name has the ability to be monogrammed right on the tote, making the gift even more special.

For longer trips, you may want to consider a set of family travel totes. Available in timeless, classic colors such as navy and white or grey and white, this totes provide ample space to store all of your travel needs, from personal toiletries to diapering and baby needs. These durable, sturdy totes stand up to harsh conditions, such as wind, waves and rain, and they also have the monogram option, allowing you to sport your own name and giving your child a sense of ownership over their own special tote. These simple yet useful family totes are also available in a convenient over-the-shoulder option, or as a backpack, allowing you to carry things hands-free while you hold hands crossing the street or remove your child from a stroller or car seat. Also available as a cooler bag, you can easily store foods that need to stay fresh in an over-the-shoulder bag option, or in a rolling cooler that’s easy and convenient for summer fireworks and festivals, or a day on the beach.