Lunch Bags

Lunch bags are for great for keeping your child’s lunch in one piece in backpacks or totes. Pottery Barn Kids offers a varied selection of lunch bags for your children. Many of the bags are made to match select bags from our backpack collection. The bags are made from polyester and lined with food safe vinyl that is molded to create a surface that is easy to clean. The bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but are all made to fit the hot and cold storage container that is sold separately. The bags come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including superheroes, animals and dinosaurs. The bags can be personalized with a variety of thread colors and styles. The shapes of the bags vary from classic lunch bags to the box shaped bags. These bags are a good choice for school, for road trips or just taking snacks out in the yard. It keeps food from getting scattered, lost or spilled out of storage bags.

Make sure to check out our backpacks for something that your kids can carry their lunch in. Don’t forget to pick up food storage to hold your child’s food when you put it in their lunch bag. If you don’t want a back pack, check out our totes for options to carry your child’s lunch bags in.