Lunch Bags

Whether you’re sending them off to preschool, kindergarten or a higher grade, you can provide a tasty lunch in comfortable, relaxed style with one of the many lunch bag options we offer at Pottery Barn Kids. With different sizes and types available to suit varied preferences and meet different storage needs, there’s sure to be a lunch bag that your child will love. From simple, classic bags to those decorated with bright, vivid colors, you can send your child off to school with confidence that they’re carrying a bag that’s not only sturdy and durable, but joyful and fun as well.

Most of our lunch bag designs come in three separate, distinct styles to suit different needs. Our classic lunch bags have molded interiors for easy cleaning and can fit several food containers as well as a water bottle. You can also choose matching water bottles that nestle snugly into each bag. A retro-style lunch bag provides a classic look, like the lunch boxes you may remember from your childhood, with a flip-over top. Inside, these lunch bag hold several different-sized food containers, as well as a water bottle. Many of the food storage accessories available are designed to fit exactly in the lunch bags. Each product page lets you know which food storage containers are designed specifically for each lunch bag. Choose a cold pack lunch bag to keep drinks and snacks chilled. This lunch bag is a great addition to take on a family outing, or for a fun day at the beach. Cold pack lunch bags also work well at school and daycare for foods and drinks that lie flat, such as rectangular containers and juice boxes.

Each bag’s construction features an outer 600-denier polyester construction for durability. Water-resistant and easy to spot clean, this sturdy material holds up to the elements. The interior of each lunch bag is constructed of PEVA, which is a food-safe and eco-safe vinyl that’s also built tough to stand up to moisture and food spills. No chlorine or plastic is used in the making of PEVA, and it’s kid-friendly and safe. Each classic lunch bag also has the ability to strap on to the back of a matching backpack. With the water bottle, food containers, lunch bag and backpack, your child has a complete matching set of study and lunch items to enjoy each day. Every lunch bag can also be personalized, holding up to nine letters to display your child’s name or initials to keep it safe and secure at school.