Find a roomy bag for schoolbooks and supplies or pick up a comfortable overnight bag. Backpacks are excellent for a variety of different situations. Pack a small backpack to carry supplies for preschool or a food container and water bottle during an afternoon family outing or a short hiking trip. Slightly larger bags are useful for school-aged kids, as they are spacious enough to fit notebooks, reading books, pencils and other essentials. Larger, wheeled backpacks make excellent luggage options for longer excursions and vacations because they are flexible and easy to carry. Our collections include backpacks for a variety of different age groups. Browse a large selection of colors and patterns for both boys and girls.

Pottery Barn Kids also offers an excellent selection of accessories to go with your child’s backpack. Use toiletry bags and garment bags to organize smaller items in the backpack during a weekend trip or vacation. Pack a wet/dry bag to keep wet swimsuits, towels and sandals from getting other items wet after a trip to the pool or the beach. Containers, thermoses and water bottles are useful items for packing homemade lunches for school or day trips. Lunch bags make it easy to find food when meal times roll around, and tote bags are helpful accessories for carrying toys and accessories to the beach or packing reading books for school.