Brooklyn Bedding Collection

Add Indian-inspired influences to your toddler’s bedroom with the gorgeous Brooklyn Bedding Collection from Pottery Barn Kids. This stunning selection of soft furnishings and bedding combines patterns inspired by woodblock prints from India with a traditional quilted finish that is soft and comfortable. The plum and aqua colors are muted and elegant, and they provide hints of natural hues that work well in a room that has predominantly quiet tones, creating a calm and relaxing environment that is conducive to a good night’s sleep.

To ensure your child is fully rested, combine these stunning bedding options with a quality bed. An upholstered bed with a padded headboard maintains the sense of traditional grandeur and comfort, but a simple cot allows the bedding to speak for itself. A trundle bed is a good option for providing additional sleeping options, but in a small room, a bed with some additional storage underneath is a neat, space-saving solution.

When picking out the rest of the decor for the room, look for cute accessories that accentuate the color and style of the Brooklyn Bedding Collection. By selecting mirrors with ornate frames or decorations with hints of lavender, light blue and plum coloring, it is possible to tie the various elements together in a way that is stylish and elegant. Well-chosen room accents that have a thematic connection create a welcoming and relaxed ambience and exemplify your eye for detail.