1 & Under

Newborns are precious to parents and friends and family alike. It’s appropriate that mom and dad – and others – shower their little one with love and affection during his or her formative first year. Gifts that babies receive at this age are often among their most treasured possessions for years to come. At Pottery Barn Kids, we offer countless toys, blankets, plushies and other pieces that are designed specifically to enthrall very young children while also keeping them safe at the same time. Other presents like diaper bags and toy storage baskets are designed more to make life easier for the baby’s parents.

Playful animals have long been popular with newborns. That makes our knit plush rattle an excellent choice to give a small baby as a gift. Its 100 percent cotton knitting doesn’t irritate soft skin, and it keeps infants busy for hours with happy giggles. A small plastic rattle inside the toy captures their attention immediately. Choose from an attractive pink bunny, a light blue elephant and a bright gray mouse with round ears. Other plush toys feature the silky feel of faux fur, which keeps kids company during the day and helps them sleep better during the night. Our multiple options let you decide between pieces that are stylishly small and impressively large. Sheep, giraffes, elephants, cats and lions – and bears of course – are just some of the animals that babies adore. A personalized blanket is another way to show some love to newborns while also providing practical warmth that they enjoy – and that lets mom and dad worry less. Keepsakes are another good gift idea for baby showers or as a welcoming present.