Baby Shower Gifts

The months before a baby’s birth come with baby showers, get-togethers, and visits to the proud new parents’ home once baby arrives. Find the perfect gift for any new mom, dad or baby within our selection of keepsakes and baby shower gifts right here at Pottery Barn Kids. Select from stuffed toys, blankets, clocks and rattles for baby, or shower mom with gifts and give jewelry instead. Our products ship directly to you or to your giftee, so it’s easy to make sure that your gift arrives before baby does, every time you shop. We also offer a range of gift cards that let mom and dad shop based on needs, too.

Blankets make an excellent gift for any new mother, father or baby, mostly because they’re functional and versatile. After all, baby does spend lots of time sleeping during the early first few months of life. An ultra-soft swaddling blanket is a near-instant hit with most parents because it can be used for everything from crib sleeping to swaddling and even tummy time later on. All of our blankets are washable, making them easy to care for – no special care required. Want to give a blanket, but can’t knit or crochet yourself? That’s just fine. You’ll find several high-quality blankets made with knit fabrics right here. Plush honeycomb crochet wraps baby in a fluffy layer of softness, while tighter knits provide more warmth and look incredible draped over a buggy or placed strategically for photos. Know your favorite new mom loves luxurious fabrics? Gift our mohair baby throw instead. Super lightweight and absolutely snuggly, baby can enjoy this blanket all year round. Want to personalize your gift even further? Have your favorite blanket monogrammed before you gift it at the shower.

Prefer to gift something more lighthearted, particularly for baby? We have so many items that inspire and delight little ones. Elephant-themed thumbie blankets make early pictures captivating and become baby’s favorite blankie several months into the future. They also give little fists something to grasp, toss around and play with. Made from soft polyester, thumbie blankets are also durable and safe for the washing machine. Alternatively, give the gift of love with a stuffed sheep, elephant or teddy bear instead. Many of our plushes match in color or fabric texture with our selection of blankets, so you can mix and match to make a complete set or purchase gifts in singles as needed. So, too, do our animal-themed tummy time play mats. These baby-sized mats are round and edged by feet, ears and other animal features, so when you set baby down on them, it looks just like they’re snuggling up on the animal’s tummy. They’re incredibly sweet for pictures and everyday play, too.

Baby’s birth is a big occasion, and it deserves to be celebrated. Whether for mom, dad, baby or even for a sibling so they feel included in the fun, our range of jewelry includes engravable items like necklaces and bracelets in silver, gold and other high-polish metals. Each is crafted from brilliant precious metals like 18-karat gold or sterling silver, either plated or whole, with a design that makes it easy to add initials, names, words and dates – just ask us to personalize when you place your order. Silver tag necklaces make a simple statement, pair with any outfit and have room for both a name and date. The perfect shower gift, you can purchase tag necklaces alone or buy them with other matching rings to make a set. Or, give a charm necklace at the baby shower, and let mom or dad customize the gift over time with charms you continue to send them on birthdays, holidays and celebrations all throughout their lives. Once baby reaches adulthood, parents can pass the gift down, creating an heirloom and tradition that lasts many generations.