Play Tents & Teepees

Everyone loves having a place to call his or her own, even the youngest among us. At Pottery Barn Kids, we offer play tents and teepees your children will fall in love with. Place these portable playhouses in their bedrooms to create a whimsical atmosphere or in the living room or a playroom for a private plate place to read, study and relax. Whatever location you decide, expect your kids to turn their new home away from home into a place that is truly their own, complete with cozy pillows and blankets, a huge stack of their favorite books, toys and maybe even a few snacks.

Remember the forts you made as a kid with old sheets stuffed between the furniture? You spent hours in them having a great time. Our play tents and teepees are simply the modern version. Made from cotton canvas with aluminum poles, our kids’ teepees are modeled after traditional Native American teepees. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors, and some even have features like openings that tie back and windows cut out from the sides. Pile the inside with pillows or sleeping bags for a cozy place to cuddle up on a rainy day or for a cool sleepover location. You can also place a plush reading chair or table-and-chairs set inside for a tea party.

Our colorful and customizable play tents are just as inviting. Made from cotton with wooden poles, the sturdy tents feature windows as well as opening flaps that you can tie back when you want to keep an eye on things. Once inside, your children’s imaginations can run wild. On any given day, those tents might become rocket ships, houses, boats, airplanes or caves, especially when friends come over to play. Your little ones may even choose to spend the night inside, imagining they are on a grand camping adventure. Like our teepees, the tents are an excellent place to pile pillows for naps and quiet time, as well as favorite books, toys and teddy bears. To make it even more special, have your child’s name or monogram embroidered onto the side of the tent, just above the window opening.

A cottage-style playhouse may be every child’s dream. Like our kids’ play tents and teepees, it is made from cotton and sits on a frame, but it is designed to look like a little clapboard home with windows full of flowers and scalloped detailing around the roof. It even has a door and window openings. It is also just as cozy as our tents and teepees. Do not be surprised if you find little ones inside taking care of their dolls, making a meal with a play kitchen or taking care of a few household chores just like grownups.

If your kids prefer a hideaway that is a little more elegant, consider one of our canopies. Available in a variety of styles and made from stylish products like sequins, tulle and tassels, they simply transform the entire look and feel of your child’s bedroom. Hang it over the bed, a favorite chair or just in a cozy corner to put a smile on your little one’s face every time she sees it. Most of them fit perfectly over any twin-size bed.

Teepees, tents, canopies and playhouses – no matter which one you choose, children will create memories inside that will last a lifetime. They make excellent Christmas and birthday gifts, especially for the child who is difficult to shop for. Eventually, your kids can pass them down to younger siblings, and who knows? They may even preserve them for their own children.