New Furniture Arrivals

It’s usually hard to resist the pull of something new. This is especially the case when talking about home decor. If you need something to spice up a nursery or children’s bedroom or just add that special something to the space’s finishing touches, Pottery Barn Kids offers beautiful pieces that are practical as well. Delight your kids with energetic tones and distinctive contours and customize the room to fit the rest of your home’s style.

Whether it’s a fun bunk bed for boys or a canopy piece that is every girl’s dream, our furniture is built to stand up to the rigors of use by youngsters. But, they go beyond simple utility by being stylish as well. Dark finishes and vibrant colors are suitable for modern designs and playful layouts that get kids excited. For a brighter look, go with a natural wood piece or one that is finished in white. Don’t forget to use decorative pillows and themed bedding to add even more color to the room. Your kids will thank you for it. Of course, a bed isn’t the only bedroom essential. Items like dressers and nightstands enhance a bedroom and provide space for clothes, gadgets, homework and more. Because kids need to be kids, our play tables give them a place to have fun and be creative at the same time. For smaller kids, a dedicated playroom can save you a ton of time picking up toys left around the house.