Kids’ Play Tables & Chairs

It’s time to get down to the business of play. Pottery Barn Kids offers a wide variety of kids’ play tables and chairs, perfect for dressing up a playroom, a bedroom or a sunny and strategic corner of your home. Children gravitate to the brightly colored chairs made in just their size, while the wide open tabletop beckons for large paper rolls and freshly sharpened crayons. An artfully designed play table space can incorporate smart storage elements nearby for maximum usability, use layers of lighting to brighten the play area and even establish areas for children to proudly display their creations.

Our collection of children’s play tables includes options for toddlers and older children, with varying heights to accommodate kids at any stage. An activity table that sits low to the ground is an excellent choice for toddlers or small children. Perfectly sized for playing with train sets, building with blocks or stacking cups, our low height activity and craft tables make play easy and fun. For children able to sit on their own, pair a colorful child-sized chair or two with an art play table. Older children will enjoy having their own space for coloring, creating or homework. We also offer play tables with grow-with-you leg sets, an innovative idea to accommodate children of all ages and needs. These tables have interchangeable legs that allow parents to adjust the height of the play table from low to desk height.

Many of our play tables have matching chairs available, or mix and match for a more eclectic look. We offer a variety of children’s chairs, with styles ranging from a dressy oval-back fabric chairs to a schoolhouse inspired slat-back. Set up a child-sized bistro next to your play kitchen with our bistro chairs and a round table, or plan your next engineering masterpiece in our industrial-inspired metal play chairs. Even fans of Star Wars will find a new hope in our R2-D2™ and Darth Vader™ children’s chairs. Beanbags can be used with a low height play table and swivel chairs can be used with a desk height table. Offered in a variety of primary and pastel colors, our children’s chairs are the perfect match for any playroom decor.

Plan for the activities you’ll be using your child’s play table for with easily accessible storage. Nearby storage bins can hold toy trains, coloring materials and board games. Display artful toys and supplies while keeping them near for play by adding wall shelves next to the play table. Keeping play materials nearby will help to ensure that everything is easy for children to grab when they’re ready to play and put away themselves. A clear acrylic play table mat kept on the table’s surface protects it from scratches and marks and can even double as a display space for pictures or artwork placed underneath. Keep a stock of large white paper rolls handy so that drawings will never have to end.

Create a warm environment for play by incorporating a cozy rug from our collection underneath the play table. Tiny toes are sure to enjoy wiggling on our brightly patterned playroom rugs. Place a playful lamp on the play table or a nearby surface to ensure that their creations are easily seen. Layer your lighting scheme with a ceiling fixture for maximum brightness. A mobile or canopy placed over the play table creates an enchanting private space to play or create. As your children use their play table to produce art masterpieces, rotate their creations through an art gallery wall of frames. Not only will kids enjoy spending time together creating, but they will take pride in displaying and talking about their wonderful designs.