Backpacks & Lunch

Parents might think that a backpack is just something to hold homework and notebooks. But to a kid, their backpack is an expression of their personality. It also helps them to fit in with their classmates and feel accepted. To please both mom and dad and their youngsters, Pottery Barn Kids offers high-quality, durable pieces that are also covered with popular superheroes, Star Wars characters, animals, flowers and more. We provide a wide selection since we understand that kids’ tastes change as they get older.

Our Marvel backpack features familiar heroes like Iron Man, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk. It’s sure to be a big hit with boys, and with the majority of their friends as well. And since parents know that functionality is also important, this backpack is designed to provide ample storage space. The large backpack can hold a lunch bag, several books, two small notebooks and one large notebook, as well as a water bottle. Smaller sizes are available for youngsters just starting pre-kindergarten or other grades. If your kids eat, sleep and dream all things Star Wars, not to worry; our Star Wars backpacks let them fight for the light or defend the dark side on their way to school with iconic characters like Darth Vader. Of course, some girls aren’t into superheroes and saving the galaxy, but they still have a vivid imagination. Bright-colored backpacks that are trendy and fun fit them like a glove. If you’re worried your kids might accidentally leave their bag and books somewhere, personalizing it with their name or initials sets it apart and can help backpacks find their way home. Don’t forget to include a desk in their bedroom so they can do their homework comfortably.