Christmas Stockings

Prepare the kids for Santa Claus’s arrival with cute and fun Christmas stockings. Find an adorable collection of festive stockings featuring a traditional combination of green, white and red colors, and try out playful and fun personalized, monogrammed options for all the kids in the family with patterns to suit each one of them. You can enjoy a set of quilted stockings to complement your holiday theme as well. Made of pure cotton canvas, some of our the Christmas stockings include designs inspired by Santa, sheep, deer, horses and reindeer. Pottery Barn Kids boasts an array of cute Christmas stockings to ready the kids for the celebrations.

Get their rooms set for the holiday by creating a perfectly Christmas-themed atmosphere with decor and room accessories. Construct a beautiful art gallery with art supplies, and coordinate the theme with decals, frames, wall hangings and letters to give them a reason to enjoy staying in their rooms while they wait up for Santa. The Christmas season also offers you the ideal moment to surprise the kids with gifts, from keepsakes to dolls and toys. Warm their hearts with some exciting Christmas books and classics, from comic capers to cautionary tales. These interesting tomes help get your kids into the holiday spirit.