Swaddling Blankets & Sleep Essentials

Swaddle and comfort your adorable new baby in soft, luxurious swaddling blankets and sleep essentials. We want to make those precious early few months even more loving and sweet than they already are, especially when it’s time for sleep. Our products make your job as a parent easier, letting you soothe and quiet your baby, or even just cuddle up for storytime. Best of all, many of our blankets and sleep essentials come in sizes suitable for either baby or an older child, so they’ll still be a timeless favorite years later as your child develops, learns and grows. With the right items on hand, all that’s left to do is bask in the blissful peace of quiet time with loved ones.

Research has shown that light swaddling makes baby feel confident and comfortable, especially if your family is working on crib sleeping. Wrapping your little lightly in an ultra-soft cotton blanket is easy. Just lay out one of our infant swaddlers on a safe, flat surface, and fold a single corner down towards the center. Then, lay your precious little newborn in the center with the back of his or her head above the folded corner. Bring one side of the blanket over and around the body, and then the other. During this process, tuck your little one’s arms down over their body and wrap the blanket lightly but firmly in place over them. Your baby should be inside of the blanket, snug as gently hugged bug in a rug. For best results when swaddling, use a blanket that’s not too thick, and not too thin. The fabric should be light, yet warm, and breathable – making cotton blankets just right for the job.

Encourage tummy time and floor play with thicker, softer blankets made from chenille and other plush fabrics. Faux fur blankets work well, too, giving baby a soft cushion to play on and encouraging sensory play. Mohair throws are also suitable, and they are large enough to stay with baby through toddlerhood; just spread them out as a throw over atoddler bed once your baby grows out of their crib. Baby learns through sensory play, so the more soft texture a blanket has, the more engaging it will be for your little one. Try honeycomb knits, luxe faux fur and raised patterns and show baby how to touch and feel each element. Have an older baby? Try repeating the name of the pattern, shape or color back to them to encourage them to talk.

Have a little prince or princess in your midst? If so, only the warmest, snuggliest blanket will do. Cuddle your little one up with a Sherpa-lined, star-studded baby blanket or a shimmer throw and let them feel like the royalty they are. Patterned chamois is washable and durable, pleasing parents, but can also be personalized with baby’s name, too. Rich sateen blankets feel light as a feather, but are warm enough to use as a throw or main blanket all throughout the year. Monogram either your little one’s name or a nickname in the center and gift them a lifelong memento that stirs up memories of childhood all throughout their lives.

Sleep essentials don’t just stop at blankets, especially here at Pottery Bark Kids. Soft thumbie blankets give older babies something to grasp on to, while cocoon sleepers let you snuggle baby up in seconds no matter where you are. Adorable nursery booties in whimsical animal shapes please the eye of both parents and children, too, as do our critter-shaped hat and bootie sets. Made from a blend of nylon and viscose, and lined with cotton jersey fabric to protect and cradle sensitive newborn skin in absolute comfort, our hats are adorably charming and delightful for photography sessions and framed pictures, too.