Outdoor Furniture

Let your little ones relax in the sun while providing some essential protection from the elements. Our outdoor furniture collections include a selection of seating, shelter and outdoor play options. Outdoor chairs provide places to sit back and relax while enjoying picnics, barbecues, campfires or snacks on the beach. Choose a chair with an integrated umbrella to prevent sunburns. Pop tents offer protection from both sun and wind, and they can provide a comfortable place for the whole family to rest between dips. Picnic tables create a social dining area, and they can also be great spaces for doing summer crafts, gardening and other outdoor activities. Sandboxes let you bring the fun of the beach to your own backyard. Add a cover to keep pets and wild animals out of the sand.

Pottery Barn Kids also offers plenty of toys and accessories for extra fun in the sun. Beach toys< such as kites, inflatable balls and bubble squirties are summertime classics. Set up an inflatable pool in the backyard to provide a place to cool off on hot days. Beach towels and wraps are handy for quickly drying off after taking dips in the pool or lake, and they help keep water out of your house after your kids run around in the sprinklers. Additionally, wet/dry bags, duffel bags and totes let you carry everything you need for a fantastic day at the beach without taking the beach home with you.