Baby Hats and Diaper Covers

Keeping your baby safe from the sun and his or her diaper dry is important when playing outside. Pottery Barn Kids offers a varied selection of baby hats, tunics, cover-ups and diaper covers to protect your baby. The pieces are all made of cotton and easily washable. The hats include ties to keep them on your little ones’ heads as they play to help protect their delicate skin from the sun. The diaper covers soft cotton is made to protect your child’s bottom from the sand or grass the they may be sitting on while outside. The tunics cover a child from neck to knee in soft thing cotton material, protecting them from the sun and keeping them cool. The fun patterns are trimmed in solid colors on the neck, hem and long sleeves. The nursery cover-ups are made from terry cloth and come complete with hoods to help protect from the sun.

If you’re planning a day outside in the sun, don’t forget the outdoor toys> for them to play with. Colorful beach towel are a great addition to any outing and you can add personalization to them as well. Make sure to pick up all the gear accessories you might need for your day outside.