Bath Toys

Turn your kid’s bath time into playtime with cute and fun bath toys. There are many simple and functional toys such as squirty sets, bath buddies and bath scoops that your kids would love use every time they are in the bath. In purple, green, blue, orange and other cute colors, bath toys make perfect aquatic friends for your little one to inspire squeals of laughter. Bubble squirties allow you to fill them with bubble solution to give the kids more fun. The toys are inspired by sea creatures such as dolphin, alligator, turtle, whale and octopus. At Pottery Barn Kids, there are cute bath toys for kids aged from six months and up.

Ensure that all the bath essentials are available for a fun bath experience while adding to the overall bathroom appeal. Hampers help to store their laundry and towels. Add bath art to the wall for a layer of style and step tools to improve accessibility. Let them dry off with fluffy bath towels in cute colors and playful patterns. The towels are available in different sizes with options for boys and girls to suit every kid’s age. Use bath mats and shower curtains to make the bathroom warm and inviting for the kids. Add a turtle, shark or alligator shaped rug to the floor to prevent slipping.