Water Bottles

No matter what the weather’s like outside, kids need to stay hydrated when they’re off to school, heading to the beach or playing at the park. It’s a great idea to get a water bottle kids can use over and over – it also helps reduce your carbon footprint for an eco-friendly way to provide water and juice. Each of our sturdy, colorful bottles easily stands up to repeated use, washing and the elements. Turn to Pottery Barn Kids for a wide selection of both reusable water bottles and hot and cold containers available in myriad designs kids are sure to love.

Many of our insulated water bottles are available in both medium and large sizes, all with the ability to keep hot drinks toasty or cold drinks chilly for up to six hours. Choose from a bevy of different designs, such as hearts and butterflies or superheroes and sharks. Each design also matches seamlessly with many of our other items, including our backpacks and lunch bags, so your child can have a complete set displaying a design they absolutely love or choose different styles to bring all their favorite patterns into the mix.

Each bottle features a polypropylene cap with a body comprised of stainless-steel. All of the materials are BPA-free and lead-free, ensuring safety during use and letting you feel confident using it again and again. An easy-up top with a vacuum-valve stopper protects against leaks and spills, with an included straw that’s made of silicone. Easy to clean and maintain, our water bottles are dishwasher-safe and you can easily spot clean them in the sink.

When you need to send other hot or cool liquids along to school or another destination, choose from our assortment of hot and cold containers. Similar to our water bottles, you can opt for the same design your child has on a backpack, lunch bag and other food storage containers. These hot/cold containers keep hot food at the ideal temperature for up to five hours and cold food chilled for up to seven hours. The food-grade part stainless-steel construction lends to durability, and these pieces are BPA-free for safety too. The jars are vacuum-insulated and virtually leak-proof, allowing you to pack anything from soup or hot oatmeal to pudding while keeping your child’s bag clean.

Like many other products, both our water bottles and hot/cold food storage containers carry the option for personalization. Add up to nine letters and place either your child’s name or their initials on the container. Not only does this make a water bottle or container a thoughtful gift, but it also helps ensure your water bottles and containers do not get mixed up when your child is off at school, on the playground or on a trip.