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Prepare for an out-of-town excursion or get ready for a successful school day with some helpful supplies on hand. Our backpacks and luggage collections offer lots of packing options for adventures both big and small. Whether you’re setting off for a family vacation overseas or enrolling the kids in a fun summer day camp, you can choose from items such as traditional backpacks, rolling backpacks, wheeled luggage, duffel bags, lunch bags, totes and toiletry bags.

Size is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a backpack. Backpack straps should fit comfortably around the shoulders, and the back panel should sit flat against your child’s back. The length of the bag should sit between the area just below the shoulders and to around the hips. In terms of volume, choose a size that accommodates all the supplies your youngster needs while maintaining a manageable weight. Our backpack collections feature a variety of sizes, so you can easily upgrade as your child grows. Look over the dimensions to ensure you get a size that works well.

Longer trips often require more luggage to organize all the necessities, and we have you covered! Rolling backpacks and suitcases can carry more weight while keeping your child’s shoulders, neck and back feeling great. Soft spinner luggage is lightweight and flexible, making it a helpful option for car, train and plane trips. Hard-sided luggage is very durable, so it stands up to any task throughout many long-haul plane rides. Duffel bags can make excellent luggage choices when you have plenty to fit inside. It’s a great idea to pack this option for camping trips or sleepovers.

Although size and fit play a key role in choosing a new backpack or piece of luggage, think about storage considerations too. What will your child need to bring along on the next excursion? For example, if you pack water bottles or other drinks in your child’s bag, look for a lined option with bottle holders. Choosing a bag with lots of front and side pockets can also help you distribute weight evenly throughout the bag. Opt for lots of inner pockets to help keep smaller items organized. This especially comes in handy for travel luggage and school backpacks.

Design is also a fun element to think about when choosing backpacks and luggage. Pottery Barn Kids offers an excellent range of colors and prints, letting kids express themselves through different designs. This is a great way to shop together as a family. Your child can choose between plenty of bright designs and colors, whether they prefer characters, animals or patterns. You can also personalize your purchases for a custom look.

Once you and your child have chosen the ideal bag, it’s time to get packing! When packing a backpack or suitcase, it helps children stay comfy when you distribute weight evenly. In a backpack, keep heavier items such as books at the back of the bag, store medium-weight contents such as lunch boxes and food containers at the bottom and add lighter items such as clothing at the top. This keeps the bag comfortable and easy to manage. Weight distribution is also important while packing rolling backpacks. Keeping heavier items centered towards the bottom and back of the frame keeps bags from tipping over and helps maintain their durability for years to come.

The right accessories are packing blessings, whether you’re preparing for a regular school day or a longer trip. Like pockets and compartments, pouches and other gear can help you divide space and keep items organized. For vacations, sleepovers and camping trips, pack a toiletry bag for easy access to toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and other essentials. Use a wet/dry bag to keep damp swimsuits and towels separate from other luggage. Whether you need a carry-on bag for the plane or want to pack a few extra beach supplies for some family fun in the sun, totes are easy to carry and offer quick access to your essentials. Lunch bags are must-haves for packing healthy meals and snacks for school and day trips too, and they tuck neatly into any backpack or piece of luggage.