Sleepover Essentials

Shop for sleepover essentials from the sale selection at Pottery Barn Kids, and get your children ready for slumber parties and weekend trips. Whether they need pretty pajamas and snuggly slippers for a sleepover at a friend’s house, or sleeping bags for a night of adventurous camping, you are sure to find something suitable in the vast selection of clothing and accessories. Clean and comfortable pajamas are essential, and when it comes to looking cool, kids want to dress up even when they are getting their heads down for a good night’s sleep. Superhero pajamas are a winning way to soar while they snore, and personalization options on many items help children to feel special while also making sure their clothes do not get mixed up with anyone else’s belongings.

Sleeping bags are available in many styles and designs to suit any taste and occasion. For a classic sleepover with a group of girls or boys camping out on the bedroom floor, faux fur sleeping bags with plush animal designs are a cute and comfortable way to get some rest, while bags with integrated hoods are ideal for camping on a chilly night. When you send your kids off to a sleepover, you need the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have everything they need. A simple sleepover backpack or tote bag with plenty of storage space ensures they have toothbrushes, combs and spare clothes. By browsing the huge range of sale items, it is possible to find these essential items for turning sleepovers into special occasions, without maxing out your budget.