Window Panels and Sheers

When decorating your child’s room its nice to be able to pull all of the details together. Window panels can help do that. Pottery Barn Kids offers a wide range of window panels to help you finish decorating your child’s room. The curtains come in a variety of materials including cotton, linen and silk. All of the panels are 44 inches wide, but can come in different lengths. The available lengths vary depending on which style you chose for your room, but can run 63 inches, 84 inches or 96 inches. Each style offers a different variety of colors. You can find sheer curtains that allow a lot of light through even when they’re closed. If you need something to keep the light out, we carry panels that offer blackout material. Some of the curtains also offer material that blocks noise, which can be helpful when it comes to your little ones having nap time. The panels can be hung different ways, depending on which style you purchase. They can simply be hung up on curtain rods or they can be put on rods using ring clips.

Make sure to pick up window hardware to hang your new curtains with. Don’t forget to pick up a rug to help pull the room together and give your kids somewhere soft to sit. Sometimes, the details matter, so don’t forget to pick out good lighting fixtures for your child’s room, too.