Girl Rugs

From a young age, girls develop a sense of fashion and beauty. They proudly show off a new dress or their favorite pair of sandals for all to see. Decorating a girl’s room is a rewarding experience that draws parents and children together. Each piece is a little expression of the affection you feel for your daughter. Every detail, from the bed you choose to the way you decorate her bedroom walls, creates a loving atmosphere. Pottery Barn Kids invites you to share the fun of picking out bedroom accessories with your little girl. The end result reflects both your personality and hers. An attractive floor rug is a great way to complete a girl-inspired space by making it feel even cozier. Here are some girls’ rugs decoration tips.

It might sound cliche, but a lot of girls’ rooms really do look spectacular in pink. If your daughter adores pink, there’s nothing wrong with that. Pink is a calming and affectionate color. To many girls – and adults – pink feels like home. A rose-colored bedroom makes your daughter feel safe and happy. Plus, as a lighter hue, it has the added benefit of making a small bedroom seem larger. A pink rug complements the rest of the room’s decor.

Of course, pink comes in many different shades. That gives you the opportunity to mix things up a bit. Think about playing around with several different tones of pink – white is a great option to toss in there too – throughout the bedroom. For example, light walls contrast well with watermelon-colored bedding. Pick out two or three accent pieces – like a rug or decorative pillows – in a deeper shade for an artistic masterpiece. If her room has rose or hot pink walls, try a cooler tone of bedding to make it stand out. There are tons of beautiful possibilities.

Want to add a few more colors into the mix? Here are some interesting combinations you might not have thought about before, but look great. Light pink and purple create intense emotion in a room. And purple gives it a hint of royalty. A lavender rug also complements pink decor very well and feels refreshing and clean. Lavender or purple curtains enhance a pink bedroom. For a more exotic look, use mint or lime green in accent pieces. Gold is another gorgeous possibility, transporting your princess to a lush palace.

Take the theme of royalty even further with a handwoven silk or wool rug that treats her little feet to incredible softness. Actually, even mom and dad enjoy tossing off their shoes to rest tired toes for a bit. Thick wool makes your feet feel like they’re floating on clouds. Plus, wool is naturally resistant to stains, soil and crushing, so it’s a great option for kids’ rooms.

No one said that girls can’t love blue just as much as boys. No matter what color your daughter adores, we have rugs to fit. Neutral grays offer a lot of decor possibilities, since they match with pretty much any color you can imagine. A little girl’s collection of toys and dolls almost becomes a part of the room’s accessories, forming a relaxing rainbow of color.

If your daughter has an interest in art, encourage her by filling the room with lots of color and shapes. Abstract artwork, large letters and a fun lamp can all spark her creativity. A playroom table is a big help when she wants to color or create her next family portrait. Playroom rugs protect your carpet from unexpected spills and offer a soft and durable surface kids can roll around on. That way girls have fun and exercise their imagination too.