Help your friends and family members find ideal gifts for your new arrival and stock up on essentials. Our baby registry helps you choose the items you want and need for your new baby and place them on a convenient list that you can send to your loved ones. Registry shopping helps those close to you find baby shower and new arrival gifts that suit your needs and tastes, helping you fill the nursery with things you actually want. Pottery Barn Kids offers a large selection of excellent items. Fill your list with essentials, such as blankets, diaper bags, wraps and storage items. Add a few larger items, such as cribs, rockers and dressers. Toys like plush animals, thumbies and rattles are popular baby shower gifts, so be sure to add a few to your registry. Personalized items, such as jewelry, frames, blankets and pillows, can also make wonderful choices. Make sure you include items at a variety of price points to accommodate friends on a budget and to make it easy for friends to pair multiple pieces together.

Browse our other collections to get more ideas for your registry. Look through essentials, such as crib sheeting and bedding, to offer a comfortable place to sleep. Decorative pillows, quilts and nursery blankets help you add color to your nursery space. Books can make excellent personalized gift options.