Decor & Accessories

From the crib to bunk beds, decorating a child’s room throughout the years is one of the joys of parenthood. Coordinating rugs and windows create a color theme for the room, while accessories, such as bookends, vinyl wall murals and wicker baskets tie the room together.

Themed lighting, such as nautical- or butterfly-themed lamps, is also a simple way to decorate a child’s room. Pair themed lamps with matching baskets for easy access to diaper supplies during late night feedings, or add a fun lamp to a toddler’s room to keep fears at bay overnight. Accent the theme of the room with wall hangings, such as bright pink butterfly wall hangings from Pottery Barn Kids. Blankets and linens are a must-have for children of all ages. To highlight the color of the wall hangings and other decor, choose solid-colored blankets and essentials to instantly add style to any child’s room.

A classic mirror is a simple way to tie the theme of a child’s room together. Opt for a silver-framed mirror that can easily transition into any decor, or add a mirrored jewelry box that holds treasures for many years to come. Cutout letters are an always-popular way to decorate a child’s room. Choose neutral colors to spell the child’s name for a long-lasting keepsake, or opt for brightly colored letters and words to decorate a nursery or playroom. To finish decorating the room, add shelves for books and wicker toy baskets.