Toddler Chairs & Soft Seating

Whether you’re decorating your toddler’s room, just adding some decorative touches to it or buying a gift for that special little someone in your life, toddler chairs are the perfect addition to bedrooms and playrooms. Children love furniture that is their size and choosing soft seating provides them with a special space they can snuggle into with their favorite blanket, stuffed animal or book. When selecting a child’s chair, it’s important to consider weight and washability. Choose a lightweight chair that is easy to move from one room to another. It’s best to select a chair with a removable slip cover that is machine-washable. Children’s soft seating comes in a variety of colors, fabrics and textures, making it easy to find one in a color that matches the room’s decor or with a sumptuous texture that kids love to snuggle into. To make the chair one of a kind, choose a monogrammed slip cover embroidered with the child’s initials.

Purchasing a kid his or her own special chair is a great way to encourage reading. Transform a corner of the child’s room into a special reading nook. A one-shelf bookcase placed a few feet from a corner defines the space and allows children to safely and easily reach their books. Place their favorite books and a few special stuffed animals on the shelves. Position the chair in the reading nook. Hanging fun objects like stuffed animals or colorful planets from the ceiling draws the child’s eye to the nook area and encourages them to visit the special spot. Alternatively, hanging a canopy from the ceiling creates an intimate space and adds a sense of whimsy. Pick a canopy that reflects the child’s taste. For example, if your little one loves space, consider a rocket ship canopy. If she loves princesses, consider an airy pink canopy to add a sense of royalty to the area. Placing a soft Pottery Barn Kids rug in the reading nook further defines the space and creates a cozy atmosphere. A colorful beanbag makes a lovely addition to the space for when friends come to visit.

Soft seating is a perfect addition to any play room. Children love to pretend to be grown ups and adding child-size furniture to their play area encourages them to do just that. Whether they’re reading a story to their favorite stuffed animal, hosting a tea party or playing a game with a friend, their special chair will serve as an instrument for encouraging their imagination. For children over three years old, a toy kitchen is a wonderful addition to their playroom. It encourages them to use their imaginations as they pretend to make their favorite cake, cook dinner for their family or practice doing dishes. Play food items and small toy appliances provide them with additional exploration. When it is time to clean, baskets fitted with colorful decorative liners, placed along the wall make it easy for little hands to put toys away.

One of the best features of toddler chairs is their versatility, due to their light weight. Easily carry them into the living room when the family is watching a special movie together and back to the child’s bedroom at the end of the evening. Taking the chair and a favorite stuffed animal to a friend or relative’s home when it’s time for a sleepover gives the child some of the comforts of home while away. As the child gets bigger, the chair is still a perfect piece for playing make-believe with stuffed animals and a source of many wonderful memories.