Kids’ Bookcases

Bookcases do more than just hold your favorite books. They provide additional storage in any room, allow you some extra surface space to display items like picture frames and collectibles and can fill in empty walls when another piece of furniture just won’t do. This is especially true with kids’ bookcases. Your child’s bedroom is typically smaller and includes less closet and storage space than other rooms in your home, so adding a bookcase is often a perfect solution. At Pottery Barn Kids, we offer a variety of kids’ bookcases in various colors and styles to match every taste and decor, as well as something to fit into every large or small space in your child’s bedroom or playroom.

Our traditional bookcases are available with as little as one shelf or as many as five. Each one is made from quality solid wood and covered with your choice of one of our exclusive finishes, each of which adds richness, color depth and durability to your furniture. Select from neutral colors like white, grays and browns. Some made from acrylics are also available. Most of our bookcases also come with mounting hardware and kits so you can attach the furniture to the wall to prevent them from ever falling or tipping over.

There are several ways to use a traditional kids’ bookcase. Naturally, it serves as a great space to house your child’s library, whether you have a little one who loves picture books or a budding reader who can’t get enough chapter books. Pair your book collection with one of our sets of bookends. You can also display personal items and decor like picture frames, trophies, animals, toys and clocks. Kids’ bookcases even make for great toy storage. Line dolls and stuffed animals up on select shelves. Use decorative baskets and bins that fit on the shelves to keep toys like cars, blocks and figurines organized and out of sight. Many traditional bookcases have additional features, such as cabinets and drawers.

If you have the space, one fun way to store and display your child’s library is by using a forward-facing bookcase. The shelves are much narrower than they are on your average bookcase, and a wooden slat holds the books in place. Slide books in with the covers facing out so your kids can make a choice by looking at the cover. It is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are not yet able to read the spines.

Another fun concept for kids is a bookcase shaped like one of their favorite things. If your little one loves all things dolls, a dollhouse-shaped bookcase can make her day and brighten up her bedroom. And your little film critics will love a bookcase shaped like a movie character, such as At-At™ from Star Wars. It turns any regular room into a super-cool one that will impress all of his friends.

Should you decide to combine your kids’ bookcase with other furniture, such as desks or even other bookcases, modular options and market bins are a great choice. You can stack them, place them next to each other and mix and match sizes. Stacking them vertically is an excellent space saver. Additionally, as your child’s accumulation of toys, books and other gadgets grows, you can add to what you’ve already purchased.

No matter what type of bookcase you choose for your kids, keep in mind that our furniture is easy to clean and care for. Keep it dust-free with a dry, soft cloth, and blot spills or wipe them with a damp, clean cloth. We never advise using harsh chemicals, furniture polish or other cleanser on our children’s furniture.