Diaper Bags & Totes

Carry everything you need for both you and your baby while on the go. Our diaper bags and totes provide plenty of space for diapers, wipes, bottles, plush toys and other essentials. When choosing a diaper bag, access and storage are important things to consider. Make sure the bag has the right kinds of pockets and compartments for the items you want to carry and that the pockets offer quick and easy access to essential items.

You should also think about style and color. Carrying more than one bag can be a hassle, so the bag may end up doubling as a purse. Take the opportunity to show off your personality and customize your look. If you want to pack light, a tote can make a fantastic alternative to a traditional diaper bag, as this style still offers plenty of space for accessories.

Pottery Barn Kids offers a large selection of accessories for your diaper bag. Wet and dry bags help keep soggy clothes and wet swimsuits from coming into contact with other items in the bag. Food storage containers are handy for transporting homemade baby food and snacks. Pack a blanket while you are on the go to quickly offer warmth if the weather gets chilly. Store a few essentials in cosmetic bags for easy access throughout the day.