Hanukkah Decorations for Kids

Hanukkah is a special time of year, and for Jewish children, it marks one of the holidays many eagerly anticipate. Children look forward to this special eight-day celebration for many different reasons. Having eight nights of presents is something that kids definitely enjoy, but they also enjoy getting together with their friends and family, lighting the menorah, having a wonderful Hanukkah dinner and hanging up fun, seasonal decorations with their parents. It’s entirely up to each household how much they wish to decorate for the Festival of Lights, and Hanukkah decorations for kids have certainly become much more popular in recent years. Adult decorations may favor the colors blue and white while for kids' decorations are much more fun and lighthearted. Look to Pottery Barn Kids for all of your Hanukkah needs for your children this holiday season.


A Hanukkah plate is a terrific idea for every child, from infant to toddler to older children. Help your child learn the meaning of Hanukkah, and offer him or her a plate on the first night of Hanukkah to help celebrate the feast. Go through each food, explaining why it is common, including everything from brisket to latkes. Make sure to place a little bit of chocolate gelt next to the plate so that kids have a tasty dessert after the meal has ended. In addition, remember to match children’s tabletop decorations with your own. This should be simple as Hanukkah tabletop colors are traditionally blue and white.


Be sure to include plates, bowls and tumblers that are specially made for children during Hanukkah. As you set the table, match the plate with the bowl and tumbler for a complete set. It’s fun for kids to have a matching set just like their parents and the other adults at the table and as you continue telling them the story of Hanukkah while you present them with their gifts. Depending on the type of table decorations you are using for the adults, a Hanukkah placemat might also do well, especially if you have special blue and white placements or plate chargers for your own dishes. A Hanukkah place mat features a menorah, giving you the opportunity to explain why Hanukkah is eight nights, and what the candles mean to the holiday.


If you are featuring a kids’ table at your Hanukkah celebration, it’s certainly a good idea to provide them with their own table runner so it looks much like the adults’ table. A children’s table runner features a myriad of different decorations, such as a dreidel, and works well for a children’s dining table as well as an activity table. This may also be a good time to teach kids the game of dreidel. A beautiful, wooden dreidel set is a great starter gift for the child just learning to play. As with other parts of Hanukkah, every part has a long story, so take this opportunity to let your child know the meaning of each part of the holiday.


One of the most important pieces of the holiday is, of course, the menorah. It’s a wonderful idea for children to have their own as they learn the prayers and customs. While they may be too young to light it yet themselves, you are able to help them along with the candles and prayers. In addition, consider a play menorah for children to practice lighting the candles in “pretend” on their own. Because there are eight days in the holiday, a Hanukkah countdown calendar is an exceptional idea. Similar to a Christmas advent calendar, this helps kids keep track of the days of Hanukkah, being grateful for every day, and looking forward to the next day.