Nursery Blankets

Create a cuddly and cozy space for your baby during story time, meals or car rides. Nursery blankets make excellent additions to a stroller, car seat or rocker. They provide plenty of warmth, but the soft fabrics are gentle on sensitive skin. Pottery Barn Kids carries a large selection of options for boys and girls. Stroller blankets can provide extra warmth in a stroller when the weather gets cold, and they also make good swaddle blanket for holding your baby. A security blanket blends the comfort of a blanket with a cuddly plush toy, which can be helpful for soothing toddlers. Choose from fabrics such as faux fur, muslin, cashmere, cotton and fleece in colors including pink, blue, lilac, red and white.

Our nursery collections also include plenty of bedding options for babies and toddlers. Although loose blankets are not suitable for cribs, you can find a variety of fitted sheets for cribs and bassinets. Quilts and decorative pillows add color to the nursery and are easy to remove when bedtime rolls around. Crib skirts add personality to the space and keep dust at bay. Quilts, blankets and flat sheets can make cozy additions to a toddler’s bed. Let your child express his or her personality with a blanket or bedding set in his or her favorite color.