Uncle Goose Language Blocks

No longer available
  • Uncle Goose has transformed the classic nursery toy into an educational tool that helps little ones learn to develop language while having lots of fun. Each set of handcrafted blocks features bright colors, fun-to-touch textures, and lots of pictures, letters and numbers that reinforce reading, writing, counting and sorting skills.

    • Single Block: 1.75" cube
    • Handcrafted from sustainable Michigan basswood.
    • Embossed and printed with a colorful range of nontoxic inks.
    • Choose from English, Spanish and Chinese.
    • The classic English ABC Block Set comes with 28 blocks; each side shows a variety of animals, numbers, math symbols, and four full alphabets.
    • The Spanish ABC block set comes with 30 blocks that feature letters, numbers, and animal pictures with Spanish words.
    • Chinese 32 block set features Mandarin simplified Chinese characters, their English equivalent, a stroke grid to learn how to create the character, numbers, pictures of the pin yin equivalent, and a puzzle featuring a map of China, the Chinese flag and yellow dragon.
    • Ages 2 and up.
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