Khaki Harper Sabrina Liners

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  • Our Sabrina Baskets are at their best when accented with a durable liner. Easy to wash, the liners help keep the baskets clean, and Harper’s ribbons give each basket a touch of color.

    • Medium: 12" square at top, 9" square at bottom, 6" high
    • Large: 12" square at top, 9" square at bottom, 9.5" high
    • X-Large: 17" square at top, 14" square at bottom, 9" high
    • Round Hamper: 16.5" diameter, 23.75" high
    • Drawstring tie.
    • Simply designed to work in any child’s room, regardless of age.
    • Designed to fit beautifully with most of our furniture.
    • Baskets are available individually or as a set of 2.
    • Gingham canvas liners (sold separately) can be personalized.
    • Medium and Large Sabrina Baskets fit well in our Cameron Wall System, including Cubbies, Open Bases and Shelf Bookcases.
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