Gourmet Kitchen Collection

No longer available
  • We’ve updated our top-of-the-line kitchen with a slightly slimmer profile to better suit small spaces. Each piece has interactive elements that encourage creative play and motor development, including knobs that click, a sink that holds water, doors that open and close, clock hands that turn, spinning faucet handles, and a soap pump that goes up and down.

    • Stove: 16" square, 22.5" high
    • Sink: 16" wide x 14" deep x 22.5" high
    • Refrigerator: 17" wide x 13" deep x 32.5" high
    • Handcrafted of kiln-dried birch.
    • Stove features rotating knobs.
    • Sink features a pull-out dishwasher drawer.
    • Fridge includes an ice maker and three ice cubes.
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