Personalization Guide

Making Your Selection

  • Single Letter

    Choose single initials for first names, last names, or household name.

  • Two Letter

    Choose a double letter to show someone's first and last name initials (Riley Miller).

  • Three Letter

    Choose a three letter style for an individual with a middle name (Riley Lucas Miller). For small big small monograms, traditionally the middle initial is the last name. For same size letter monograms, traditionally initials are first, middle, last.

  • Name / Phrase

    For products that offer personalization, use the entire family name or monogram with a favorite phrase. Some items can accommodate up to 9 letters. See individual products for details.

Color Options

For embroidered monograms such as bedding or towels, we offer a wide selection of thread colors. Engraved, etched, or debossed items do not require a color choice.

Color Options

Font Style

Personalization Fonts


Single Letter Monograms


1-3 Letter Monograms


Appliquè Fonts



  1. How much does monogramming or personalization cost?

    The cost for monogramming or personalizing a product is $9 per product.

  2. How many letters or numbers can I order?

    Character count varies by product, font and scale. Some items are monogrammable with one initial only, while others can accommodate up to a maximum of 9 characters. See individual items for details.

  3. Which fonts and colors can I choose from?

    Our designers created font styles and color options for each of our monogrammable products. Most products can be monogrammed in one to 20 font choices, while color options vary. We don't offer custom fonts or colors and we can't mix and match fonts or colors on an item. See individual items for details.

  4. Can I cancel an order or return a monogrammed item?

    Orders for monogrammed or personalized items cannot be cancelled or returned except when due to defect.