Fire and Creme Balloons

We're all about creating a focal point for parties, especially since they make for great photos! Here's an easy way to make for a memorable party backdrop in just 3 easy steps.

Sometimes the accessories make the outfit, right? Well, the same goes for a party backdrop! Add a box of fun props like palm leaves, sunglasses and hats for the kids to try on during photos.

Fire and Creme Balloons

Use lettered balloons to express the theme of the party. If it's someone's birthday, use their name or the age they're turning. Or use a fun phrase like "party on!" for a party that doesn't have a theme. It's a super easy, affordable and impactful way to set the tone of the day.

When it comes to finishing touches, pops of colorful and striped pinwheels add the perfect layer of dimension and color.