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Mason Jar Snow Globes

These homemade snow globes are fun to make and create a unique decorative piece that looks charming atop a party table or anywhere else a festive winter scene is needed.

Tools and Materials

  • Mason jars
  • Bubble wrap
  • Christmas craft ornaments
  • Card stock (white or silver)
  • Fake snow
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tweezers

How To Assemble The Mason Jar Snow Globes

1. Drip hot glue into the base of the Mason jar and place some bubble wrap on top to pad out the base of the jar. Allow room between the bubble wrap and the sides of the jar for sprinkled snow.

2. Sprinkle fake snow on top of the bubble wrap as well as between the bubble wrap and the sides of the jar.

3. Cut out a circle of card stock that's slightly smaller than the diameter of the jar. This will be the platform for your winter scene.

4. Build a winter scene on top of the circle of card stock using craft ornaments and glue.

5. Once the scene is dry, use additional glue to adhere the bottom of the card stock to the top of the snowy landscape. Tweezers will help you lower the scene down into the jar.

6. Sprinkle additional snow over the scene and bubble wrap so that everything is evenly covered.