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How to Throw a Classic Easter Celebration
How To:

Plan a Classic
Easter Celebration

The perfect alternative to a traditional Easter party, this celebration makes the most of the natural world. Handmade crafts let kids have fun with the decorations, and a new twist on Easter–egg dyeing takes its cue from vegetables, fruit, tea and more. Here are five great tips to help make your celebration memorable. For more traditions and ideas, watch our video.

Mix it up. Pretty pastels and punches of bright color combine with organic hues to create a well-rounded palette. If you'd like, choose one or two cold colors and use them more often throughout the food and decor — this will help create a consistent thread throughout the party.

Celebrate decorations that are simple yet stylish. Hand-Painted Eggs embellished by designs in shimmering gold bring a touch of luxe to an Easter party table. Looking for natural ways to dye eggs? Check out our Natural Egg Dye craft, which uses your choice of natural foods to create vibrant, colorful eggs. Lastly, to give Easter baskets an organic feel, use shredded kraft paper to cradle the eggs instead of the usual shiny, green–plastic ”grass.“

Customize each child's place at the table. Incorporate the Easter theme into your table's linens, plates and placemats. Look for materials like burlap, raffia, wood. Add a few pops of bright color to help liven up the table.

Combine a few special treats with a dash of healthy eats. Every Easter celebration needs a few fun goodies. Our Egg in a Nest Cupcakes make the most of shredded coconut that doubles as a "nest," while Easter Bunny Vanilla Cupcakes give the festivities a traditional feel. For a healthy snack, try these Hummus Pots that offer a kid-friendly way to present wholesome food.

Let kids have a hand in the crafts. Simple activities keep kids entertained — and the resulting masterpieces can become part of your party's decor. Try our Hanging Egg Ornaments, which are easy to customize and can be strung from trees or the ceiling, if your party is indoors. Our Animal Egg Craft lets kids transform a simple egg into an animal they love. For another quick and easy craft that engages creativity, try our Paper Pinwheels.