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Donuts-On-A-String Party Activity

Here's a party activity everyone will love. It's easy to set up, everyone from the littlest children to grown-ups can participate, and it involves a very tasty treat that's a prize in itself. Get ready for a few crumbs and plenty of giggles!


  • One donut per guest (plain or cinnamon-sugar work well, but almost any kind is fine)
  • A spool of ribbon or twine
  • Tape or tacks
  • A drop cloth or floor mat (if the activity will take place indoors)
  • Blindfolds (optional)

1. Choose the location for your activity. A branch or archway is perfect if you'll be playing outside; inside, a doorway where you can tape or tack the ribbons works well. Cut lengths of ribbon so that they'll hang to about nose height for your guests (make sure to leave enough extra length to tie one end around a donut and to tie, tack or tape the other end overhead). If your guest list includes kids of different ages, cut a few different lengths of ribbon.

2. Tie one end of each piece of ribbon around a donut. Tie the other end around a low tree branch, or use tape or a tack to fasten it to another overhang. If playing indoors, position the drop cloth underneath to catch crumbs.

3. The game is simple! Each participant is positioned in front of a donut, and whoever finishes theirs first wins (you can choose whether there is a separate prize for the winner – but we think the donut is a prize itself). The general rule is: no hands allowed, but the occasional violation can be tolerated. To make it extra challenging (and even more hilarious), you can blindfold your guests.