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3 Crafty Cookie Containers

If you're hosting a holiday cookie exchange, your guests are going to need a way to bring home the delicious assortment of cookies they'll gather at your party. Here are three fun, easy projects to create containers that are part party favor, part practical accessory. If you're planning to do the jars or the take-out food box projects, we recommend completing them yourself prior to the party. If you choose the cookie boxes, decorating them can be a fun craft activity for kids during the party. They'll love to customize their box and fill it with delicious cookies to enjoy at home!

Cookie Boxes


  • Craft paper boxes (one per child; available at craft stores)
  • Construction paper in festive colors (red, green, white)
  • Scissors
  • Markers, crayons or other drawing tools
  • Glue sticks
  • Craft supplies such as pom-poms, glitter and sequins

1. Before the party, cut out some simple shapes from your construction paper, such as Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer or bells.

2. Arrange a crafting table with the boxes and the crafting materials in the middle. Let each child decorate their box with whatever strikes their imagination.

3. Let kids fill the boxes with cookies from your cookie exchange before bringing them home.