Big Ideas for Small Nurseries

Mirrors spread light, add sparkle and create the illusion of spaciousness in a small room. A collection of small, decorative mirrors is a great alternative to heavy, framed photo displays. Consider placing a grouping of small mirrors on the wall opposite a window. They will reflect and magnify the light while also creating a sense of depth.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but decorating with a few coordinating prints and patterns – versus sticking with solid neutrals – can actually make a space feel larger. Consider using patterns when choosing bedding, rugs and windows – and be brave with color, and with mixing and matching. Plaid or a madras patchwork can pair surprisingly well with small-scale prints, for instance. The goal is to strike a balance between bright color and coordinating, calm neutrals.

It may be your first instinct to choose the smallest pieces of furniture you can find, but a few large pieces of quality furniture, rather than a lot of smaller pieces, can actually make a small room feel larger. A tall armoire in place of a dresser can draw the eye upward and away from the room's smallness, and a nicely upholstered rocker next to an expertly crafted crib can give the nursery a larger, more spacious feeling.

Big Ideas for Small Nurseries

In a small nursery, each decorating choice has a big impact. Furniture that is designed to multitask – such as a crib with built-in drawers beneath – helps make use of every available inch. Make sure you note the footprint of the crib, changing table and dresser that you choose, since there can be significant variation. After you've chosen your furniture, a few smart design ideas and the right fabrics can also help you make a small nursery feel larger.